Welcome to the What to do with Wal-Mart page. I will put up a post for the stores that Wal-mart will price match each week with the deals I believe you will be able to price match at Wal-Mart. You can add to these post and share the deals you find out there. Please post in the format you see on the post. There either are or will be links to the web pages of various coupon sites for you to quickly print the coupon you may need. If you need a zip code to find the coupon on coupons.com or redplum.com please include the zip code.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dierbergs and Schnucks

I now have both the Dierbergs and Schnucks match ups posted. Looking through both, Dierbergs has a few  better deals and it could pay to make a trip to Dierbergs because they will double 15 coupons up to $0.40. But if you have shopping to do at Walmart you can price match with both the Dierbergs and Schnucks ads. Both will have items that you should be able to save on Wal-Mart prices when price matching. At these two stores make sure that you compare the smaler coupons ($0.40 and under) to the larger coupons. Most of the smaller copons will be doubled and applied to one item, the larger coupons will not double and they normally  are applied to two or more items making the larger coupons less of a deal.


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